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travel agencies

Travel Agencies – 2017 Industry Update

Travel Agencies – What’s new in 2017? 2017 is set to be an exciting year for travel agencies.  Each day…
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Texas Dealer Bonds

How to get a Texas Dealer License

What is a Texas Dealer License? A Texas dealer license is easy to get for your business.  You need a…
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Contractor License Surety Bond

What is a Surety Bond?

What is a Surety Bond? A surety bond is a product that protects the consumer or government against harm caused…
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Surety Bonding

What does a Surety Bond Cost?

What does a surety bond cost? The cost of a surety bond depends mainly upon your personal credit score. The…
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travel agency bonds

Do I need an ARC Bond and a Travel Agent Bond?

Do I need both the ARC and state Travel Agency Bonds? In most cases, yes, you’ll need both types for your…
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ARC Accreditation

How to get accredited with ARC

Who is the ARC? ARC stands for Airlines Reporting Corporation.  It was founded in 1984 and processes settlements for buyers and…
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Colorado Dealer License

How to get a Colorado Dealer License

How to get a Colorado Dealer License A Colorado dealer license is mandatory to sell cars and powersports vehicles in Colorado.  The state…
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florida dealer license renewal

Florida Dealer License Renewal

How to begin your Florida Dealer License Renewal If you own a car dealership in Florida than you may be…
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certified contractor vs. registered contractor

Certified Contractors vs. Registered Contractors

Certified Contractors vs. Registered Contractors – What’s the Difference? We’ve all heard the age old adage about making sure a…
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alabama dealer license checklist

Alabama Dealer License Checklist

Alabama Dealer License Checklist So what does it take to get an Alabama dealer license?  If you’ve reviewed the state’s…
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