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What are California Surety Bonds?

Surety bonds in California are meant to protect consumers and other interested parties from harm caused by licensed businesses in the state.  They’re typically required if your business needs a license to operate in the state.  In most cases, California surety bonds will provide some type of financial reimbursement to the party that was harmed by the bonded business due to a violation of those state statutes which govern the particular industry.

How do I apply for a surety bond in California?

Applying for your bond is easy.  Choose your bond type from the drop down list below then click “Get Your Bond Quote”.

Get Your Bond Quote!

Most bonds are approved as soon as your application is received.

What are the most common California Surety Bond types?

Please select your bond type from the menu below to learn more about a particular bond and its cost.

Please contact us via email or phone with any questions you may have or if your bond type isn’t listed.

How much will my California surety bond cost?

Because DBL Surety has access to multiple insurance companies, we are proud to offer the lowest rates in the industry for individuals with good and bad credit.  Individuals and businesses with good credit can expect a rate in between 1-3% of the bond amount needed.  Individuals and businesses with bad credit can expect a cost of 4-10% of the California surety bond amount needed.

California Contractor Bonds

Contractors are perhaps the biggest user of California surety bonds.  There are several types of them which your construction company may need.  The most popular is the construction license bond required of all contractors in the state.  They’re purpose is to protect your clients from harm caused by your construction company.  You may also need a performance bond if your company contracts with the state.  These bonds seek to ensure your company complies with a state contract.

How do I apply for a bad credit California surety bond?

Applying for a bad credit California surety bond is the same as applying with good credit.  Simply fill out our online surety bond application, hit submit, and receive your surety bond quote within minutes!  We have the ability to approve almost any bond regardless of credit.

How long will it take to receive my original California surety bond?

The answer is up to you!  You can have your surety bond the next day by selecting overnight shipping or you can have it delivered via USPS express mail.  Let us know prior to purchasing your California surety bond and we’ll make sure it goes out as requested.

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