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What are Kentucky Surety Bonds?

Kentucky surety bonds are usually needed to get your business license or permit.  If you’re starting a new business, this is likely the first time you’ve heard about one.  Surety bonds in Kentucky often protect the consumer from harm caused by you or your business.  You can also visit our surety bond learning center to learn more about surety bonds.

How do I apply for a surety bond in Kentucky?

Applying for your bond is easy.  Choose your bond type from the drop down list below then click “Get Your Bond Quote”.

Get Your Kentucky Surety Bond Quote!

Most bonds are approved as soon as your application is received.  They can also be printed at home as soon as they’re purchased

How much does a surety bond in Kentucky cost?

Surety bonds in Kentucky can be very affordable.  Your bond cost is usually determined by your credit score.  Larger bonds may require additional information such as a business or personal financial statement.  However, this is typically only required of bonds which exceed $100,000.  The best way to find out your bond cost is to apply for it online.

How do I get a license bond in Kentucky?

Getting a license bond in Kentucky is easy!  These bonds are needed by all types of businesses and especially contractors.  All license bonds are different but usually protect your clients from financial harm caused by your company.  You can apply for this bond type by using our online application and receive a copy in minutes.