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indemnity agreement

No Indemnity Agreement Doesn’t Mean No Liability

No Indemnity Agreement Doesn’t Mean No Liability Recently, there’s been a trend where surety companies are no longer requiring an…
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determining company ownership

How to Determine Company Ownership

How to determine company ownership Each day surety companies issue numerous surety bonds on behalf of their agents.  In most cases,…
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Florida Travel Agency Bond

Florida Travel Agency Bond – Updated Forms

Florida Travel Agency Bonds – Updated Forms Florida’s Seller of Travel Division of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services…
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Nashville Building Permit

How to Get a Nashville Building Permit in Davidson County

How to get a Nashville Building Permit If you’re a contractor looking to work in the city, you’ll need a…
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Private Performance Bond

Private Performance Bonds – Why Banks May Be Left Holding The Bag

Private Performance Bonds & Payment Bonds – What are they? Before we discuss private performance bonds in particular, let’s first…
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Surety Bond Default

Surety Bond Default – Signs Which May Lead to Failure

Surety Bond Default – Signs Which May Lead to Failure During a recent Florida Surety Association meeting, Gary Dunbar, President…
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performance surety bond

Performance Surety Bonds – Fast Track Applications

What are “Fast Track” Performance Surety Bond Applications? Fast Track performance surety bond applications allow you to apply for a…
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AZ contractor License bond

AZ Contractor License Bond – Price Reduction

AZ Contractor License Bond Price Reduction The cost of an AZ Contractor License Bond just got a whole lot cheaper…
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Oregon construction license application update

Oregon Updates Construction License Application

When was the Oregon Construction License Application updated? In January 2017, the Construction Contractors Board update the Oregon construction license…
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Florida dealer bond quotes

Florida Dealer Bond Renewals 2017

Florida Dealer Bond Quotes – 2017 Renewals Florida used car dealer bonds have a mandatory renewal date of May 1st…
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