Court Surety Bonds

What are Court Surety Bonds?

Court surety bonds are oftentimes required by the court during legal proceedings. The type of guarantee depends on the type of bond required from the court. They commonly guarantee monetary judgments when appealed, the proper handling of a deceased person’s estate, and other legal requirements.  Depending on the bond type, they typically guarantee payment of damages in the case of a frivolous lawsuit or improper handling of funds in an estate or other assets held in receivership.

Do you offer Bail Bonds?

No.  DBL Surety does not offer Bail Bonds under any circumstance.  However, we offer most other types of surety bonds required by the courts.

What types of Court Surety Bonds do we offer?

How much does a Court Surety Bond cost?

Your court surety bond cost will be determined by your personal credit score, type of bond required, and amount of bond needed.  Rates can vary from 0.5% to 3% of the required bond amount from a given court system.  Court bonds like probate bonds usually cost much less than appeal bonds due to the risk associated with them.  Additionally, DBL Surety company offers multi-year terms which can reduce the overall cost of your bond depending on the amount of time it will need to be in place.

Do you offer bad credit Court Surety Bonds?

In most cases with the exception of probate bonds, individuals with bad credit will not qualify for a court bond without collateral in the form of cash or an irrevocable letter of credit.  Land, buildings, and other fixed assets are not be considered acceptable collateral to a surety company in most cases.  However, these assets can most likely be used as collateral to obtain an irrevocable letter of credit from an approved bank.

How do I apply for a Court Surety Bond?

Applying for your Court surety bond is easy.  However, each type of court bond is different.  For example: An injunction bond application needs to have a copy of your complaint.  This is why we ask you to complete our online bond application.  You will then be contacted by the first available representative to help with your request.  You can also email us with your questions and we’ll be happy to assist you.

How long will it take to get my Court Surety Bond?

Your bond can be issued quickly once we receive the information needed to underwrite your court bond.  We understand timing is important and can overnight your bond as soon as it’s approved!