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What is an Injunction Bond?

An injunction bond is a type of court surety bond.  These bonds are used in court cases where one party (the plaintiff) wants to prevent another party (the defendant) from an action.  The bond can pay for damages to the plaintiff caused by the defendant’s wrongful injunction.  They are often called plaintiff’s bonds.

How soon can I get an Injunction Bond?

Injunction bonds are often time-sensitive requests.  A commercial tenant may be moving equipment out of you or your client’s space as you read this.  These bonds can be obtained quickly and often within the same day they are requested.  Certain exceptions apply such as the size of the bond and requests for additional information by the surety company.

Who needs an Injunction Bond?

Injunction bonds are needed whenever you file a temporary injunction against someone else.  You do not need these bonds when a permanent injunction is issued by a judge.  They are often required by a judge until the permanent order is filed against the defendant.  Remember, the defendant is the one who is being temporarily stopped from doing something.

How much does an Injunction Bond cost?

The cost of an injunction bond ranges from 1-2% of the bond amount needed.  The surety bond cost is determined by a review of the plaintiff’s financial condition.  The amount is will be set by the court and is different depending on which court system is requesting it.  Many courts set the bond amount high enough to cover reasonable costs and damages owed to the defendant if they’re wrongfully enjoined.

How does an Injunction Bond work?

Surety bonds are made up of three groups of people.  The first is the bond principal (plaintiff), the obligee (defendant), and the surety company.  The surety company pays the obligee money owed for damages on behalf of the principal who wrongly enjoined the obligee.  However, the principal is responsible for paying the surety company back for all costs.  These costs may include actual damages paid to the plaintiff, attorney’s fees, and others.

Can I get an Injunction Bond if my home is being foreclosed on by the bank?

We currently do not write injunction bonds for homes going into foreclosure.

How can I apply for an Injunction Bond?

  1. Download and complete our printable Injunction Bond application, and
  2. Receive your surety bond quote in minutes!