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Oregon Surety Bonds

Oregon surety bonds are often required the by the state of Oregon and its various regulatory divisions.  These surety bonds are often meant to protect a consumer or the citizens of Oregon from harm caused by a business or individual holding a license issued by the state.  Surety bonds are, in a sense, a promise to pay when something goes wrong.

Who needs an Oregon Surety Bond?

The short answer is most business operating in industries regulated by the state need Oregon surety bonds in one form or another.  Bonding requirements apply to licensed Oregon contractors, investment advisers, motor vehicle dealers, and many more companies which require a state license.  Additionally, surety bonds are often required for court-related matters.  These types of bonds are often referred to as Oregon Court Bonds which are describe in more detail below.

How can I apply for an Oregon Surety Bond?

Applying for a surety bond is easier now than it has ever been.  All you need to do is complete our online Oregon surety bond application and you can receive your bond quote within minutes.  Most surety bonds are approved based solely on the personal credit score of the applicant.  However, larger bonds may require a little more information such as your experience, length of time in business, and other underwriting requirements.

What if I have bad credit?  Can I still get an Oregon Surety Bond?

The short answer is yes.  DBL Surety has access to several bad credit surety bond companies who are ready to place your bond regardless of credit score.  In most cases, you can get a surety bond even if you have a prior bankruptcy.

How long will it take to get my Oregon Surety Bond?

You can receive an emailed or faxed copy of your surety bond immediately after it’s processed.  The original surety bond along with the required power of attorney is then sent to your address using your preferred method of shipping.  DBL Surety offers 1, 2, and 3 day shipping options along with a free, regular mail shipping option.