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What are Texas Surety Bonds?

The State of Texas often requires a surety bond when an individual or company is looking to be become licensed in the state.  Texas surety bonds vary by type, amount, and industry and are generally governed by the rules and regulations set forth in the state statutes or the department which oversees licensing for a particular industry.  DBL Surety writes numerous surety bonds within the State of Texas and can assist you in finding the proper bond form for your request.

How do I apply for a Texas Surety Bond?

Applying for a surety bond in Texas takes only a few minutes!  Click on our online surety bond application or anywhere you see “Apply Online”.  Next, answer a few basic questions regarding your surety bond type including the business name and address.  Click submit and receive your Texas surety bond quote momentarily.

Our most popular Texas Surety Bonds

Listed below are some of the most common examples of Texas surety bonds but is by no means a comprehensive list.

Don’t know what surety bond type you need?  Contact us via email at info@dblsurety.com or by calling 8885726637 and let us help you find the correct bond form for your business.

How much does a Texas Surety Bond cost?

The Texas surety bond cost will normally depend on the personal credit score of the individuals applying for it.  In most cases, individuals with good credit can expect a surety bond cost of 1-3% of the bond amount.  However, individuals looking for a bad credit surety bond can expect to pay anywhere from 4-10% of the surety bond amount needed.  For example:  A $20,000 surety bond for an individual with good credit would cost $200-$600.  That same Texas surety bond for an individual with bad credit would cost in the range of $800-$2000.

How long will it take to receive my Texas Surety Bond?

Texas surety bonds can be approved quickly and issued the same day in most cases.  We only need some basic information which can be sent using our online surety bond application.  The questions listed on the application will give DBL Surety all the information we need to issue most Texas surety bonds the same day you apply.  Your bond can also be overnighted for next day delivery by selecting the overnight option upon checkout.  Click on the Apply Online button on the top of the page and receive your surety bond quote today!