Massachusetts Surety Bonds Apply now

The State of Massachusetts requires many different types of surety bonds such as those bonds to obtain a state license or permit, perform a government construction contract, or those required by the court during probate proceedings. Massachusetts surety bonds typically guarantee the performance of a contract or that an individual and/or their company complies with the rules and regulations that govern their particular industry.

How do I apply for a Massachusetts surety bond?

Applying for a Massachusetts surety bond is quick and easy! Click on “Apply Now”, complete our streamlined online application, and receive your quote in minutes. Once approved, your surety bond can be issued and a copy sent to you via email. The original bond can be sent via USPS or overnighted to your home/place of business.

How much is a Massachusetts surety bond?

Massachusetts surety bond costs primarily depend on your personal credit score and the type of bond for which you’ve applied. Those individuals with excellent credit should expect an annual premium of 1-3% of the bond amount. Those individuals with bad credit can expect an annual premium of 4-15% of the bond amount. However, other factors may apply and the easiest way to determine your premium amount by completing our application which can be found by clicking on the “Apply Now” button.

Can I get a bad credit Massachusetts surety bond?

Of course! DBL Surety has direct access to several surety companies who offer surety bonds to individuals and businesses with bad credit. As mentioned above, bad credit surety bonds generally have a higher premium amount but offer a solution to obtaining your license or permit with the state.

What type of Massachusetts surety bond do I need?

Let DBL Surety assist you by answering some of the questions you have about your bond. You may call us at 888-572-6637, email us at, or click on the LiveChat icon to your right.