About Us

We know surety bonds

Chances are your surety bonds are currently with your insurance agency because, well, that’s where you purchase your property and casualty insurance. However, the typical insurance agency often considers surety bonds as ancillary products and has little experience in the placement, handling, and expertise required to obtain the best program and rate for your surety bond. DBL Surety is a surety bond agency which places all types of surety bonds including performance, payment, bid, court, license, and permit surety bonds. We have the relationships, the resources, and the ability to place all of your surety bond needs that most traditional insurance agencies lack. Partner with DBL Surety and become a valued client not a number.

No hidden fees like your other surety bond agency

Many surety agencies will charge a fee each time you make a change to your bond.  Additionally, you may be charged a shipping fee, a processing fee, a credit card fee, among many others.  In many cases, these fees are not mentioned until your purchase is made.  Be sure to ask your surety bond company about any fees they may charge.  You may be surprised how a $100 bond can cost up to twice that amount in hidden fees with other surety bond agencies.  DBL Surety does not charge hidden fees like our competitors.

We provide Surety Bonds regardless of credit score

Most surety bond agencies only have access to standard surety companies which decline bonds for anyone with less than a 650 FICO derived credit score.  We have in-house authority with many of our surety companies which allows us to quote your bond without contacting the surety insurance company.  In most cases, DBL Surety bond can approve your bond regardless of credit score with the exception of large performance and payment surety bonds.  Visit our bad credit surety bond page to learn more about how you can get bonded!

We issue surety bonds FAST!

DBL Surety offers same day issuance on almost every surety bond we offer. The surety companies we represent entrust us with in-house underwriting authority which allows us to approve most surety bonds instantly for well qualified applicants. Need your surety bond the next day? DBL Surety has the ability to overnight surety bonds directly to your home, office, or other location for those times when you need your bond the next day!

We provide service your way

In today’s business world, DBL Surety understands that our clients like to communicate in a variety of ways. Whether by phone, fax, or email we will ensure that our correspondence matches your personal preference making it easier for you to concentrate on doing what it is that you do best. We also accept all major credit cards and checks in order to match your purchasing preference.