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Alabama Surety Bonds

Alabama surety bonds are required by many of the state departments which regulate certain industries within the state.  Surety bonds are typically meant to protect consumers from financial harm caused by the bonded individual or company.  Alabama surety bonds are a promise to pay an individual or entity who has been harmed by the actions of the bonded entity or person which result in a covered claim.  You can learn more about surety bonds by visiting our Surety Bond Learning Center.

Who needs an Alabama Surety Bond?

Alabama surety bonds are needed when required by the state.  In most cases, you will find the surety bond requirement listed on your state licensing application.  Industries such as Alabama car dealers, investment advisers, and contractors may need a surety bond to obtain a license.

What types of Alabama Surety Bonds do I need?

The type of surety bond you need in Alabama depends on your industry.  The three general Alabama surety bond types are license and permit bonds, construction bonds such as performance and payment surety bonds, and court related bonds needed in the case of an appeal or fiduciary proceeding.

How do I apply for a Alabama Surety Bond?

  1. Complete our online Alabama Surety Bond application, or
  2. Download and complete our printable Alabama Surety Bond application, and
  3. Receive your surety bond quote in minutes!

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Do you write bad credit Alabama Surety Bonds?

Yes, DBL Surety can quote Alabama surety bonds for individuals with bad credit in most cases.  Bad credit surety bonds are generally more expensive than those bonds quoted for people with good credit.  You can read more about it by viewing our Bad Credit Surety Bond page.

What will my Alabama Surety Bond cost?

The cost of your Alabama surety bond will depend on the amount of the bond and your personal credit score in most cases.  The higher your credit score the lower the cost of your bond.  Most applicants with good credit should expect a surety bond cost of 1-2% of the bond amount needed.  Applicants with poor credit can expect a surety bond cost of 5-10% of the bond amount needed.  The best way to determine your the cost of your surety bond is to complete our online bond application.  The application takes minutes to complete and quotes are generally offered within minutes of receiving it.

What are the most common Alabama Surety Bonds?

There are many surety bond types required in the state but there are a few which are the most common.  These bond types are listed below :

Don’t see your bond listed above?  Visit our online application and insert the bond type you need.  DBL Surety writes thousands of different bond types which may not be listed here.  Or you can also email us at or call us at 386-316-2547 if you do not see your bond type listed above.