License Bonds & Permit Bonds

What Are License Bonds?

License bonds are surety bonds often required to get a state license for your business.  They can also be called permit bonds in some cases.  Although they’re different, both bond types are often grouped together and called License and Permit Bonds.

License bonds are usually needed when applying for your state license.  States ask for them to protect consumers from harm caused by your business.  Harm is caused when your business breaks the state rules and regulations which govern your business license.  For example: You sell a car to one person, accept their payment, then sell the same car to someone else without returning the initial buyer’s payment.

Being bonded tells your clients that someone stands behind your business.  It shows them that, if all else fails, your company has a backstop in case a claim occurs.  Don’t think of them as a necessary evil but an asset to help sell you and your business to prospective clients.

Our most popular License and Permit Surety Bonds

What Other Types of License Bonds Do We Offer?

How do I apply for my License and Permit Bond?

Applying for your license bond is quick and easy using our online surety bond application.  You’ll need to click on the “Apply Online” button at the top of the page to begin.  We need only some basic information about your company and its owners to ensure you receive the lowest price for your bond.  Don’t see the license bond you’re looking for? Call us at 386-316-2547 or email us.

How much will my License Bond cost?

You surety bond cost will be primarily based off of your personal credit score.  Meaning, the higher your credit score, the lower your bond cost.  That also means that a low credit score can mean a higher premium in some cases.  Other factors such as experience and claims history can also effect your price.

How fast can I get bonded?

Getting bonded with DBL Surety is easy and fast.  In most cases, you can get an electronic copy of your surety bond the same day you apply.  Additionally, the original copy can be sent via overnight mail for next day delivery.

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