How to Get a Nashville Building Permit in Davidson County

How to get a Nashville Building Permit

If you’re a contractor looking to work in the city, you’ll need a Nashville building permit.  They’re required by the city and Davidson County prior to performing work on a new or existing structure.  Permits are normally issued in the name of your company unless a homeowner pulls the permit in their name.

To pull the permit, you must visit the Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County Metro office building.  The Department of Codes Administration will ask for the property owner’s name and address.  You’ll then meet with the Zoning Examiner who will review your plans.  If in compliance with code, your permit will be issued.  Most permits are issued on your first visit unless they need approval from another department.  You can find a detailed brochure of how to get a Nashville Building permit here.

Who needs a Nashville Building Permit?

All construction activities, both residential and commercial, require proper permitting.  The exception to this rule is normal maintenance or repairs performed to an existing structure.  It’s best to check with the Nashville & Davidson County Codes Department to make sure a permit is not needed prior to starting the project.  What may seem like a simple repair can require a permit.  If you fail to get the permit, it could cost you as you’ll read below.

Who can pull a Nashville or Davidson County Building Permit?

Only two parties can pull a permit.  The first is a residential homeowner who occupies or will occupy a single family residence.  The second is a licensed and bonded contractor with the Metro Codes Department.  The contractor must meet several requirements and provide a $10,000 or $40,000 permit bond to the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, TN.

How much does a Nashville Building Permit cost?

The cost of permit in Davidson county depends on the your permit type.  Residential building permits begin at $28.25 and increase based on the total project value.  On other hand, commercial building permits start at $40.39 and increase based on your contract value.  In addition to your permit fees, zoning and plan examination fees may apply.

What if I don’t get a permit and get caught?

In most cases, you’ll be issued a stop work order by the Codes Department.  You then have to apply for the permit and pay three times the amount it would have cost you to apply in the first place.  Additionally, you could be required to tear out, modify, and replace work which was performed prior to the permit’s issuance.  This is likely to cause a delay in the project’s completion and unnecessary additional costs which can’t be billed back to the project owner.

How do I contact the Codes Department?

You can contact the Codes Department by calling 615-862-6500 or visiting them in person at the following address:

Metro Office Building
800 2nd Ave S.
Nashville, TN 37219

Additionally, you may also visit them on the web at