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What is a Nashville Permit Bond?

A Nashville permit bond is needed if your construction company wants to pull a building permit in the city limits.  These bonds protect the Metro Government and property owners.  Both parties can make a claim against your bond for damages caused by not following building codes.  The Metro Government can also claim on your bond for damage caused to government property by your construction company.  Additionally, you’ll also need a Nashville permit bond if your company would like to pull a permit in Davidson County.  To learn more about surety bonds in general, please view our surety bond definition.

Who needs a Nashville Permit Bond?

All contractors working in Nashville or Davidson County, TN need a Nashville Permit Bond.  It doesn’t matter if your company is located within the city or state.  If you’re pulling a permit in the city/county, you’ll need the bond before the building permit is issued.  You can view our complete list of Nashville contractor requirements or download a copy here.

What Permit Bond amount do I need?

There are two different Nashville permit bond amounts.  The bond amount your construction company needs depends on the permit amount.

  • $10,000 Nashville Permit Bond – You will need this amount if the contract or permit is less than $25,000.
  • $40,000 Nashville Permit Bond – You will need this amount if the contract or permit is more than $25,000.

However, blasting and house moving contractors have mandatory bond amounts regardless of contract size.  Blasting contractors require a bond in the amount of $10,000 and house moving contractors require a bond of $40,000.

How much does a Nashville Permit Bond cost?

The cost of each bond is listed below and are not determined by your credit score.  Most surety companies consider them to be low risk which means you don’t have to undergo a credit check.

  • $10,000 Nashville Permit Bond – $100/annually
  • $40,000 Nashville Permit Bond – $200/annually

The numbers mentioned above are what the surety company charges for your bond each year it’s in place.  This is what’s know as an insurance premium similar to what you pay for auto insurance.  There are no additional fees to issue your surety bond other the premium charged by the surety bond company.

How long will it take to receive my Permit Bond once it’s issued?

You will receive a digital bond copy as soon as it’s issued.  The digital copy will be sent to the email address listed on your surety bond application.  Additionally, the original bond will be mailed to your address using the shipping method of your choosing.  In most cases, you can have a copy of your bond overnighted for next day delivery or our free first-class shipping option is always available.  You will be asked about your shipping preference prior to bond issuance.

How do I apply for a Nashville Permit Surety Bond?

  1. Complete our online Nashville Permit Surety Bond application, or
  2. Download and complete our printable Nashville Permit Surety Bond application, and
  3. Receive your surety bond quote in minutes!

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