Do I need an ARC Bond and a Travel Agent Bond?

Do I need both the ARC and state Travel Agency Bonds?

In most cases, yes, you’ll need both types for your travel agency bonds.  This is true because each surety bond generally covers a different type of obligation and benefits a different party.  For example: The ARC surety bond benefits the Airlines Reporting Corporation only.  However, your state required bond can benefit an individual, business, or the state government.

Why do I need both travel agency bonds?

As mentioned above, both bonds are needed because they offer protection to two different obligees.  Obligees are the people or entities who can claim on your bond for wrongdoing.  A claim is what happens when you violate the terms of your state license or agreement with ARC.  Generally, claims on travel agent bonds involve the non-payment of money owed to an entity/individual or fraud committed by your agency.

When don’t I need a surety bond for my travel agency?

You don’t need a surety bond for your travel agency if your state doesn’t require it for registration.  Additionally, the ARC bond isn’t needed if you don’t do business with the Airlines Reporting Corporation.  Please view our list of Seller of Travel Bonds or call your state to determine if you need a bond.

Can my state Travel Agent Bond be waived if I have an ARC bond?

Currently, Florida allows a travel agency to eliminate their Florida Travel Agent Bond if they maintain an ARC Surety Bond for 3 continuous years.

How much are Travel Agent Bonds?

The cost of your travel agency’s bonds depends primarily on the owner’s credit score.  Other items like experience, length of time in business, and claims activity can also affect your bond premium.  Normally, applicants with excellent credit can expect to pay about 1-2% of the bond amount needed.  For example: A $20,000 ARC Surety Bond would cost between $200 and $400 annually for those with excellent credit.  The cost of your surety bond will increase as your credit score declines.

How do I apply for a Travel Agency Bond?

  1. Complete our online Travel Agency Bond application, or
  2. Download and complete our printable Travel Agency Bond application, and
  3. Receive your surety bond quote in minutes!

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How long does it take to get a Travel Agency Bond?

The entire process from application to issuance could take less than 30 minutes.  Once approved, all we need is a signed agreement and form of payment for your travel agent bond.  Your bond will then be issued and an electronic copy sent to your email address.  The original copy can be sent to your address for next day delivery.