Florida Dealer License Renewal

How to begin your Florida Dealer License Renewal

If you own a car dealership in Florida than you may be familiar with the Florida dealer license renewal process.  However, new businesses may not know how to renew their dealer license.  It’s important to understand the process because Florida, in particular, has mandatory renewal dates.  Missing a renewal date could result in the suspension of your license.

When do I need to renew my Florida Dealer License?

The answer depends on which dealer license type you have.  Florida has several classes of licenses which can be studied here.  There mandatory renewal dates are listed below:

  • Franchise car dealers must renew their license by January 1st of each year.
  • Mobile home and recreational dealers renew their licenses by October 1st of each year.
  • Wholesale and used car dealers must renew their licenses by May 1st of each year.

A car lot may receive a cease and desist letter from the state if they do not renew their license in time.

What is the Florida Dealer License Renewal cost?

The cost to renew a Florida dealer license also depends on your license type:

  • Franchise dealers: $75/year $100 delinquency fee if paid after 12/31
  • Mobile home and recreational dealers: $140/year $200 delinquency fee if paid after 10/1
  • Wholesale and used car dealers – $75/year $100 late fee if paid after 5/1

Additional location fees also apply if more than one dealership exists.

  • Franchise dealers: $50/year for each additional location
  • Mobile home and recreational dealers: $50/year for each additional location
  • Wholesale and used car dealers: $50/year per each additional location

FL Dealer License Renewal Application instructions

First, you’ll need to download the application which can be found here.  This is required by Florida for dealer license renewals and changes of your dealership’s location.  The application will ask for your license number, address, FEID, and other items about your business.  You’ll need to enter this information on the application and sign at the bottom of the page.

Your renewal application then needs delivered to the state.  You may mail the application and required documents to your regional DMV office.  Additionally, you can hand deliver it to the regional office.

How long should I renew my dealers license?

The DMV allows dealers to renew their licenses for one and two year periods.  The renewal costs for the one year license terms are above.  The two year renewal cost would be twice the annual cost.  For example:  A used car dealer license renewal costs $75 per year.  A two year license renewal would cost $150.  You do not save money with the state on your two year dealer license renewal.  However, you can save money by renewing your dealer bond and other services for two years.  Most surety companies will offer some sort of a discount for prepaying your two year bond premium.  Additionally, other services may also discount their fees if their services are purchased in bulk.

Also, you can learn how to get your Florida dealers license.