Alabama Dealer License Checklist

Alabama Dealer License Checklist

So what does it take to get an Alabama dealer license?  If you’ve reviewed the state’s website it may seem a little overwhelming but it’s really just a few keystrokes, a bond, and some mandatory insurance.  We’ve listed below the items needed for your AL dealer license along with some helpful explanations.

  1. A registered account with Alabama’s MVTRIP Website
  2. A name and address for your car dealership location – You must have a valid name and address to apply for your Alabama dealer license
  3. Your license type – New, Used, or Wholesaler
  4. Names and addresses for all owners
  5. A credit card to pay for you dealer application fee
  6. Your printed application from the MVTRIP website
  7. An original Alabama car dealer bond in the amount of $25,000
  8. Completed insurance certificate form
  9. Photocopied pictures of the owner’s driver’s license
  10. A picture of your lot signs and the entire lot itself.

Now that you know what you need it’s time to find out what each item is an why you need it.

Alabama’s MVTRIP Website Registration

You will need to create an account on the MVTRIP website to register for your car dealer’s license.  This website is your access point for all things related to your license.  It’s where you’ll insert most of the information on our checklist above and where you’ll visit when changes need to be made to your license.   The system is easy to use and a good access point for your dealer licensing information.

Car Dealership Name and Address

You’ll need your dealership’s name and address.  This information can always be changed but it’s helpful to finalize it prior to your license application.

Your Dealer License Type

There are three main types of AL dealer licenses for which you can apply.  They are:

  • Alabama Used Car Dealer License
  • Alabama New Car Dealer License
  • Alabama Wholesale Car Dealer License

Each license type is explained in detail on our How to Get and Alabama Car Dealer License page.

Names and Addresses for All Owners

You will need the names and address for each owner or representative of the dealership.  Their information will be entered into the MVTRIP system during the registration process.

Credit Card Information

Most things in life these days aren’t free. Unfortunately, the same thing goes for your Alabama dealer license registration.  You will need to have your credit or debit card information ready when submitting your application to the state.

Your Printed Application from the MVTRIP Website

You must print your license application and physically mail it to the Alabama Department of Revenue.  We know, it sounds redundant but your Alabama dealer license won’t be considered for approval until they receive your printed, signed application.  Your application must be mailed to:

Alabama Department of Revenue
Motor Vehicle Division – Dealer Licenses
PO Box 327643
Montgomery, AL 36132-7643

Please remember to send your original, signed application to the address above or it will not be considered for approval.

Original Surety Bond

Alabama requires a $25,000 car dealer surety bond to obtain a dealers license.  These bonds protect your customers if you violate the statutes which govern the dealership industry.  You can learn more about the surety bond requirement by visiting our Alabama car dealer bond page.  Each bond should come with a power-of-attorney.

Insurance Forms

You are required to obtain and maintain basic garage liability insurance while licensed as a dealer.  Your insurance agent will need to complete and sign the insurance form provided by the MVTRIP website.  The form will list your insurer, coverage limits, and contact information.

Photocopies of Each Owner’s Driver’s License

Each owner of the dealer will need to provide a photocopy of their driver’s license or ID.  This is not required if you are renewing a license.

Lot and Sign Pictures

You will need to submit pictures of your lot and signage.  This is required only of new Alabama dealer license applicants.

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