How to Get a Florida Surety Bond

What is a Florida Surety Bond?

A Florida surety bond is a surety bond which is specific to the State of Florida or other municipalities within the state.  Florida surety bonds are a form of insurance which benefit the obligee who, in most cases, is a state department or another municipality like a county or city.  However, other surety bond beneficiaries can be the owner of a private construction project, a general contractor who subcontracts a portion of a construction project, or an individual or business in a court related matter.

What Florida Surety Bond Types are there?

There are many surety bonds required by Florida for various state and county licenses, construction projects, and court-related requirements.  Examples of these bonds include contractor license bonds, motor vehicle dealer bonds, performance and payment bonds, and injunction bonds.  You can find a listing of the most common Florida surety bonds by visiting the Florida Surety Bonds section of our website.

How do I apply for a Florida Surety Bond?

Applying for a Florida surety bond is very easy.  First you’ll need to complete our online bond application.  All we need is some basic information about your business and we can approve your bond in minutes.

What happens after my Florida Surety Bond is approved?

Once your bond is approved, you’ll have the option of moving forward with or declining the surety bond quote you’ve received.  No further action is needed should you decline the quote.  If you are ready to purchase the bond, you will receive an invoice and, in most cases, an indemnity agreement specific to the surety company who has approved your bond.  Your Florida surety bond will be issued once the invoice has been paid and signed agreement has been received.

How is my Florida Surety Bond premium determined?

Your surety bond premium will most likely be determined by the credit score of the business owners, length of time in business, and overall risk of your bond type.  Some bond forms are riskier than others and may demand a higher premium.  Additionally, performance and payment bonds will require additional underwriting information such as corporate and personal financial statements.

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How do I apply for a Florida Surety Bond?

  1. Complete our online Florida Surety Bond application, or
  2. Download and complete our printable Florida Surety Bond application, and
  3. Receive your surety bond quote in minutes!

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