Financially Responsible Officer Bond Quote

Your Quote Is On Its Way!

*Important* Please check your SPAM folder for the approval email. It will arrive shortly. You should receive your quote the same day depending on when your application was submitted. Please check your SPAM folder for the approval email if not received within 0-2 hours during normal business hours.

We’re excited to partner with you whether it’s a new or existing venture. We’re working on a firm quote for you now and should have it ready shortly. In the meantime, we’ve listed the $100,000 FRO Bond cost below according to credit score.

Want help with your Florida State Application?

The DBPR and CILB are very particular about their applications and the additional information needed to process them. You’ll be contacted shortly by a licensing associate from The License Company LLC if you selected any of the options asking for help incorporating your business, registering a DBA, or assistance with your state application. Visit to find out how they can help you qualify another construction business, apply as an FRO, and help you meet all of the application’s requirements.

Pricing Information

  • Excellent – $750 annually
  • Great – $900-$1250 annually
  • Good – $1250-$1500 annually
  • Average – $1500-$1750 annually
  • Less than Average – $2,000 annually

Again, please ensure to check your SPAM folder if our approval isn’t received in your normal inbox shortly. Thanks again for the opportunity and we look forward to working with you!