How to get a Washington Seller of Travel License

Who needs to register as a Washington Seller of Travel?

Most travel agencies who offer or advertise for sale travel and tourism activities in Washington will need to register with the WA Business Licensing Service.  However, certain business are exempt and the Washington Seller of Travel license exemption should be confirmed with the state prior to engaging in any activity such as selling or advertising for sale travel and travel related activities.  In most cases, an out-of-state seller of travel must also register with the state of Washington as well.

Why do I need to register as a Washington Seller of Travel?

Washington State RCW 19.138.010 Legislative Finding and Declaration states that some travel agencies have caused a financial hardship to the citizens of the state through unfair advertising and business practices.  Because the tourism industry has a sufficient impact on Washington’s economy, the legislature sought to regulate and establish standards for the industry in order to encourage fair business and advertising practices.  As such, the industry is regulated by the state and requires registration to become a travel agent in Washington.

How do I register as a Washington Seller of Travel?

Applying for your Washington Seller of Travel license can be achieved by:

How much does it cost to obtain my Washington Seller of Travel License?

The Washington State Business License Application filing fee is $19.  There is an additional $5 fee for each trade name (i.e. DBA) being used.  The Sellers of Travel Registration Addendum fee is $202.  All fees must be paid at the time your application is filed.  Additionally the Washington Seller of Travel Bond cost is determined by your personal credit score.  You can learn more about the surety bond’s cost by visiting our Washington Seller of Travel Bond page.

How long does it take to become a Washington Seller of Travel?

The length of time it takes to become a Washington travel agent is largely determined by the information contained in your application and the time it takes the state to process it.  A complete application can be approved in as little as two weeks.  Incomplete applications or those travel agents who choose use the paper form of the Washington Business License Application can take up to four weeks.

Are you serious about getting your license?

If so, consider using a professional licensing firm like The License Company, LLC.  These firms can often get your travel agency licensed much faster than going it alone.  Look to spend no more than $200 to have your license application prepared by a professional company.