How to get your NJ HVAC license

What are the NJ HVAC license requirements?

All new NJ HVAC license applicants must meet one of the following guidelines prior to applying for your license:

  • Five years of employment/work experience in the HVAC field which includes the following:
    • Four years in an HVAC apprenticeship approved the US Department of Labor;
    • One year of employment as an HVAC journeyman;
  • A bachelor’s degree specializing in HVAC from an accredited university recognized by US Department of Education and one year of experience installing/servicing HVAC units.

Each guideline listed above must also include education, either on the job or in the classroom, in proper chlorofluorocarbon management and other refrigerants not to exclude other high global warming potential gases.

What are the exceptions to the NJ HVAC license requirements?

If you already hold a professional construction license in New Jersey, you may qualify for one of the exemptions listed below:

  • Individuals such as architects, plumbers, electrical contractors, etc. who already hold a professional license and are practicing in the within the scope of their profession;
  • Chimney sweeps practicing in the scope of their profession;
  • Home owners self-performing work on their residence with the exclusion of work including CFCs of HCFCs;
  • Licensed master plumbers who are repairing, servicing, or maintaining:
    • Boiler systems, piping, thermostat controls, underground storage tanks and pneumatic controls.
  • Licensed Electrical Contractors who are repairing, servicing, or maintaining;
    • Electrical heating equipment or the electrical components of equipment used for HVAC.

How much will it cost to obtain my NJ HVAC license?

The cost to apply for your initial NJ HVAC license is $160 plus $25 for your pressure seal issued with your license. The NJ HVAC license renewal fee is $160 and will need to be paid every two years prior to the expiration of your license.

How long will it take to get my NJ HVAC license?

The review board will meet once a month to review and approve/deny NJ HVAC license applicants. Once approved, you will be contacted by the state. Your license and pressure seal should be received within 15-20 days after you have been approved by the board, received your approval letter, and paid the application fee mentioned above.

When does my NJ HVAC license expire?

The current term of NJ HVAC license is from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2016. After June 30, 2016, your license will renew every two years on July 1.

Where can I find the NJ HVAC application and exam site?

You can find the application by visiting the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs’ website. Additionally, you will also find tips for your application and frequently asked questions.

What else do I need to obtain my NJ HVAC license?

Once you have passed the state exam, you will need to post a $3,000 NJ HVAC Contractor License Bond. These bonds are easily obtained and run concurrent with your licensure period.  Additionally, you will need to obtain an EIN number which can learn more about and apply for by visiting the IRS website.

What if I have my HVAC license in another state?

You may be able to waive the exam requirement if you currently hold an HVAC license in another state. However, you must prove to the NJ State Board that you have completed similar education requirements to those listed above, proof that your state honors the same licensure to NJ HVAC license holders, proof of your current license in that state, and an application.