How to get an Arizona Contractor License

What are the Arizona Contractor License Requirements?

In order to obtain your AZ Contractor license, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Complete the state application
  • Complete and pass the Arizona Trade and Business Management Exams
  • Obtain a FEIN also known as a Federal Tax ID Number
  • Obtain your Arizona Contractor License Bond
  • Submit the state application along with the required backup documentation and required fee for your application and license

Important – Please ensure your company name is available before submitting your application to the state by checking its availability with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC).  You must then reserve the name with the ROC, verify its availability with the AZ Corporation Commission, and incorporate your business under the reserved name.

What do I need to submit with my AZ Contractor License Application?

  • The AZ Contractor License Application itself
  • Proof of workers compensation insurance or affidavit of self-employment
  • Your company’s articles of organization, incorporation, or partnership agreement depending on its structure (ex. LLC, Inc., etc.)
  • Original AZ Contractor’s License Surety Bond
  • Original AZ Trade and Business Management Exam scores
  • Experience and project forms
  • Printed receipt for background check
  • Copy of your photo ID
  • All applicable fees for your construction license type

How much does it cost to get an Arizona Contractor License?

There are unfortunately many different fees charged by the Registrar of Contractors for each type of Arizona contractor license.  The first fee is called an application fee and is charged when applying for your license.  The second is called a license fee which is paid once your application is approved.  This fee covers two years of licensure.  The final fee is called a recovery fund assessment.  This fee is paid into The Recovery Fund which is a form of financial protection available to residential homeowners and funded by licensed Arizona contractors.  Currently, the recovery fund assessment fees are only charged to General Residential, Specialty Residential, General Dual, and Specialty Dual license types.  A $200,000 surety bond can be posted instead of paying the assessment fee but it is cost prohibitive as the surety bond cost far outweighs the fee.  A complete list of AZ contractor license fees is below:

General Commercial Contractor

  • Application Fee = $200
  • License Fee = $580
  • Recovery Fund Assessment = $0

Specialty Commercial Contractor

  • Application Fee = $100
  • License Fee = $480
  • Recovery Fund Assessment = $0

General Residential Contractor

  • Application Fee = $180
  • License Fee = $320
  • Recovery Fund Assessment = $370

Specialty Residential Contractor

  • Application Fee = $80
  • License Fee = $270
  • Recovery Fund Assessment = $370

General Dual Contractor (Commercial & Residential)

  • Application Fee = $200
  • License Fee = $480
  • Recovery Fund Assessment = $370

Specialty Dual Contractor

  • Application Fee = $100
  • License Fee = $380
  • Recovery Fund Assessment = $370

Do I need and AZ Contractor License Surety Bond?

Yes, all Arizona contractors need an Arizona License Bond.  The bond amount needed depends on your license type and contemplated gross revenue amount of work for the coming fiscal year.  You can find the exact surety bond amount required along with its cost by visiting our Arizona Contractor License Bond Page.

What are the different Arizona Contractor License Types?

There are eight basic Arizona Contractor License types which are: Engineering Contracting (Commercial), General Commercial Contracting, Residential Contracting, Specialty Residential Contracting, General Dual Engineering Contracting, General Dual Licensing Contracting, Specialty Dual License Contracting, and Specialty Commercial Contracting.  However, each of the previously mentioned license types also have many different classes of licenses such Concrete, Electrical, Asphalt Paving, etc.  You can find a full listing of AZ Contractor License Types by visiting AZ Contractor License Types.