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What is a Florida Public Adjuster Bond?

A Florida public adjuster bond protects the state and the public from harm caused by your business.  The state requires the bond to pay for fees and costs resulting from an adjuster’s failure to follow the rules.  Specifically those rules listed in Chapter 626 of the Florida Statutes and those rules set forth by the Department of Financial Services.  They cover fraudulent acts and unfair practices cause by you insurance adjuster business.

What Florida Public Adjuster Bond amount do I need?

The state requires $50,000 Florida surety bond and you cannot change the amount.  This is true for even the most seasoned insurance adjusters.  Regardless of your experience, the FL public adjuster bond amount remains the same.

How do I apply for a Florida Public Adjuster Bond?

  1. Complete our online Florida Public Adjuster Bond application, or
  2. Download and complete our printable Florida Public Adjuster Bond application, and
  3. Receive your surety bond quote in minutes!

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How much will my Insurance Adjuster Bond cost me?

You bond cost will most likely be $500.  However, other factors such as your personal credit score will affect your bond’s cost.  If credit is an issue, you can expect a bond cost of about $1000 and up.  You can reduce your cost if you have previous experience or have been in business for a number of years.  Additionally, a personal financial statement can also help reduce bond cost when credit is an issue.

Is the Florida Public Adjuster bond a Fraud Bond?

Yes, insurance companies often refer to the Florida public adjuster surety bond as a fraud bond.  Fraud bonds are those where claims occur as the result of committing fraud.  Specifically, Florida’s bond form allows the state to recover damages in case the “licensee is guilty of fraud or unfair business practices.”

They’re also grouped into a larger category called license bonds.  A license bond is a generic reference to any surety bond which is a requirement to get a license.  Examples of other types of these bonds are contractor license bonds, car dealer bonds, and travel agency bonds.

How long will it take to receive my bond quote?

You can get a quote the same day you apply with few exceptions.  All you need to do is complete our online application and your quote should arrive in minutes.  However, bond applications received after normal business hours are processed the following business day.