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What’s an Orange County Contractor Surety Bond?

An Orange County Contractor Surety Bond is required of contractors working in Orange County, FL.  These bonds are often referred to as Orange County Performance Bonds or code compliance bonds.  They provide a financial guarantee up to the bond amount for faulty workmanship for not following the Orange County building codes.  Additionally, this bond also protects your company’s clients from the use of defective materials in construction.

How much does an Orange County Contractor Surety Bond cost?

Your construction company can expect to pay $100 annually for this type of surety bond.  Code compliance bonds in Orange County are automatically approved and do not require a credit check or signed application.

How fast can I get my Orange County Performance Bond?

Our agency has received in-house underwriting authority which allows us to issue the $5,000 Orange County Performance Bond the same day it’s requested.  In-house underwriting authority is when an insurance company allows a surety agency to underwrite certain surety bond types in-house.  This allows our agency to quote and issue contractor license bonds the same day we receive the request.  We also offer overnight and 2 day shipping options for your convenience.

Can I get an Orange County Performance Bond with bad credit?

Yes, you can obtain these bonds regardless of credit score.  They’re considered low-risk by most surety companies and be issued freely.  The surety bond cost also remains the same at $100 for all contractors.

How does the Orange County Code Compliance Bond work?

While all code compliance surety bonds are different, most react very similar to each other.  The bond required by Orange County, FL allows your clients to make claims on it when shoddy workmanship or inappropriate materials are used.  However, your clients will not need to claim on the bond if your company repairs the work in question.  Repairing the work means bringing it up to code and/or replacing defective materials used in construction.  Clients have up to one year following the completion of your company’s work to bring a claim against the surety bond.  Please visit our What’s a Surety Bond page to learn more about surety bonds.

Do you have an Orange County Surety Bond application?

Yes!  Please use our application below to apply for your bond.  Since these bonds are automatically approved for $100, the application below gives us your licensing information necessary to complete your bond.

Construction License Bond Application

Permit Bonds required by counties

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Insert the license holder’s name as you’d like it to appear on the bond
  • Insert the license holder’s business name as you’d like it to appear on the bond

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