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What is a Nassau County Contractor Bond?

A Nassau County contractor bond is required by the county of contractors looking to work within Nassau.  These bonds are often referred to as code compliance bonds.  They are required of registered contractors only.  State certified contractors do not have to provide a bond to work in Nassau County.

Who needs a Nassau County Contractor Bond?

As mentioned above, only certain types of contractors need to post a surety bond to Nassau County.  These contractors have not received their certified contractor’s license from Florida.  They are are required to register with the county and provide a $2000 surety bond.

What Nassau County Surety Bond amount do I need?

The bond amount is set at $2000 and is required to be renewed annually.  It must be issued on the county’s bond form in order to be accepted.  Additionally, your bond must be renewed using a continuation certificate which is signed and sealed by the surety company.

How much does a Nassau County Surety Bond cost?

Nassau County contractor license bonds are pre-approved for $100 annually.

Can I get the bond even if I have bad credit?

Yes, you can get the bond even if you have bad credit.  In fact, these bonds don’t even require a credit check and most surety companies don’t require a signed application.  All applicants are approved for $100 with few exceptions.

Where is your Nassau County Contractor Bond application?

Please complete the bond application below for your quote.  These bonds are automatically approved for $100 annually.  No credit check is required and most bonds can be issued the same day.  The information below should appear exactly as it does on your license.

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Nassau County Contractor Licensing Information

Nassau County Building Department
96161 Nassau Pl.
Yulee, FL 32097
Phone: 904-530-6250
Fax: 904-321-5763

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