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What is a Kissimmee Contractor License Bond?

The city requires a $5,000 Kissimmee contractor license bond in order to perform work within the city limits.  The bond ensures that money is available to cover damages caused by a contractor’s failure to comply with the city’s codes.  These bonds are often called code compliance surety bonds and are required by many cities around the country.

Who needs a Kissimmee Contractor License Bond?

The Kissimmee contractor surety bond is required of all registered contractors with the city.  However, if your company is a state certified contractor, the bond requirement can be waived.  Additionally, if you’re a subcontractor and do not require a state license, the bond can also be waived.  Examples of businesses not requiring a state license are drywallers, painters, and tree trimmers.

Can I receive my Kissimmee Contractor License Bond today?

Yes, you can receive a copy of your Kissimmee surety bond today!  We understand that many contractors are unaware of the requirement and also know that time is of essence!  DBL Surety can issue your bond within minutes of receiving your surety bond premium payment.

How much does a Kissimmee Contractor Bond cost?

The cost of the Kissimmee code compliance bond is $100 annually.  These bonds have a mandatory expiration date of September 30th and must be renewed each year.  Your contractor registration with the city will expire if your bond expires.

What Kissimmee Contractor Bond amount do I need?

Kissimmee, FL requires a code compliance bond in the amount of $5,000.  The bond does not require collateral, a signed application, or credit check prior to issuance.  They are issued in-house by DBL Surety and, in most cases, the same day the bond is requested.

How do I apply for my Kissimmee Construction Bond?

Please complete the information requested below and click the Get Your Quote button.  Your quote will be $100 and the information your provided will allow us to prefill the city’s bond form.

Construction License Bond Application

Permit Bonds required by counties

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Insert the license holder’s name as you’d like it to appear on the bond
  • Insert the license holder’s business name as you’d like it to appear on the bond

Other helpful City of Kissimmee information

City of Kissimmee Development Services
Building Division
101 Church St., Suite 120
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Phone: 407-518-2379

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