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What is a Haines City Contractor License Bond?

Haines City requires all registered contractors to obtain a $5,000 contractor surety bond to work within the city.  The city will waive the surety bond requirement for Florida state certified contractors.  The Haines city surety bond is required by the city’s building department and reimburses your clients for harm caused as the result of code violations.  The surety bond form has a mandatory expiration date of September 30th of each year.

Why do I need a Haines City Contractor License Bond?

The Haines City Contractor License Bond is mandatory of all registered, but not certified, contractors working within the city limits.  This bond is often referred to as a code compliance bond because it seeks to ensure you and your company abide by the city codes.  Many cities and states require these bonds as a form of consumer protection for shoddy workmanship.

How much is a Haines City Contractor Surety Bond?

The $5,000 Haines City Contractor Surety Bond is automatically approved for $100 annually.  Surety companies do not require a credit check and or require a signed application.  We need only your company’s name, address, contractor license type, and phone number in order to approve your bond.

How long will it take to receive my Haines City Contractor License Bond?

DBL Surety can process your surety bond within minutes of receiving your company’s information.  We require payment of the $100 premium in full prior to releasing a bond copy.  A copy of the bond is emailed to you as soon as it’s been processed.  The original surety bond is then mailed to your address for your records.  DBL Surety also offers expedited shipping options for your convenience.

Do I need to submit anything else with my Haines City Contractor Surety Bond?

Yes, all contractors wishing to work in the city are required to submit the following additional information:

  • State License
  • Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Workers Comp Insurance Certificate
  • Municipal Board of Examiners Competency Card
  • County or City Business Tax Receipt

These items are in addition to the required $5,000 surety bond and can be faxed to the building division at 863-419-3168.

How do I apply for a Haines City Contractor License Bond?

Applying for your construction license bond is as easy as completing the application below.  This application gives us all of the information we need to complete your surety bond on the city’s form. Please click on Get Your Quote for immediate approval of your Haines City Surety Bond.

Construction License Bond Application

Permit Bonds required by counties

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Insert the license holder’s name as you’d like it to appear on the bond
  • Insert the license holder’s business name as you’d like it to appear on the bond

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