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What is a California immigration consultant bond?

The California immigration consultant bond is required of all companies doing business as an immigration consultant in the state of California.  The surety bond is meant to protect any person who is harmed by the fraudulent actions or misrepresentations of the immigration consultant or their agents and assigns while acting in the scope of that company.  The California immigration consultant bond requirement can’t be waived and must be obtained to receive a license.

How do I apply for a Immigration Consultant Surety Bond?

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What California immigration consultant bond amount do I need?

The California Secretary of State has set the surety bond amount at $100,000.

Who needs a California immigrant consultant bond?

The immigrant consultant bond is required of all persons engaging in the practice of providing non-legal immigration advice or assistance by CA Civil Code 24440.  This includes the following:

  • Completing or helping a person to complete a state or federal immigration form;
  • Translating a persons answers to questions asked on those forms;
  • Securing birth certificates and other required forms for applicants;
  • Submitted completed forms on behalf of an applicant to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services; and
  • Referring people to others who can offer legal services to the applicant.

It is very important that the immigration consultant not give any legal counseling to his or her customers as it will be considered a violation of the CA Civil Code.

How much does the California immigrant consultant bond cost?

The immigration consultant bond cost ranges from 1-2% ($1,000-$2,000) of the surety bond amount annually.  However, these bonds must be in effect for a two year term which can reduce your price to $900 per year.  The consultant must purchase the bond for a two year term to qualify for the reduced rate.

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