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What is a California Car Wash Surety Bond?

The California car wash surety bond is meant to ensure that the car wash pays its employees all earned wages, fringe benefits, interest on wages, and all damages due to an employee as a result of a violation of California Labor Code Sections 351 and/or 353.  The bond is required by California Labor Code Section 2055(b) of all new and existing car washes without a collective bargaining agreement in place.

How do I apply for a California Car Wash Surety Bond?

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What California Car Wash Surety Bond amount does my car wash need?

The state of California previously required that all car washes maintain a surety bond in the amount of $15,000.  However, effective January 1st, 2014, the bond amount was increased to $150,000 and is only required of those car washes who do not have a collective bargaining agreement with their employees.

How much does the $150,000 California Car Wash Surety Bond cost?

The premium amount required for the car wash bond will vary depending on the personal credit score of the owners, business financials, and length of time in business.  These bonds can be obtained using only a personal credit score in some instances where the car wash is brand new.  However, with good credit, business financials, and experience, these bonds can be obtained for 1-2% of the bond amount or $1,500 – $3,000.  The bond can also be obtained for individuals with bad credit but will be much more expensive especially if the business is new.

Can I get a bad credit Car Wash Bond?

Yes, but the premium amount will be more expensive than those car wash owners with good credit.  Surety insurance premiums are largely determined by an individual’s credit score as it is an indicator of their ability to meet their future obligations.  The California Car Wash bond cost starts at 3% or $4,500 for individuals with less-than-stellar credit and continues to increase as the credit score decreases.

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