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What are Environmental Surety Bonds?

Environmental Surety Bonds cover a wide variety of contractors, service companies, and other obligations. These bonds often run to public obligees such as the Army Corp of Engineers, The Department of Environmental Protection, and other similar organizations. Environmental Surety Bonds include performance and payment surety bonds when contaminated property is being remediated and similar surety bonds required for landfills, wetland mitigation, and other industries which may impact the environment. Activities which typically require Environmental Surety Bonds are: environmental excavation, contaminated material disposal, mining rehabilitation, soil stabilization, well plug and abandonment, landfill capping, dewatering system installation, soil remediation, demolition of contaminated facilities, underground tank removal, landfill closure/post closure, sediment control, asbestos removal, and erosion control.


What is the current market for Environmental Surety Bonds?

Environmental Surety Bonds are specialty bonds which require a knowledgeable agency like DBL Surety and proficient underwriting by a surety company. While there are many surety companies, there are few who have the capabilities of underwriting the complexity of most environmental risks. DBL Surety has experience dealing with small environmental risks to large ENR ranked environmental contracts with millions in surety credit as well as access to many of the surety companies which specialize in environmental surety bonds.


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