How to Sell Travel to Cuba

Are you looking to be a Cuba Travel Agent?

On December 17th, 2014 President Barack Obama announced that he would establish a US embassy in Cuba and lift sanctions previously imposed on Cuba.  Not only will this authorize trade in between the United States and Cuba it also relieves travel restrictions for US citizens seeking to visit the country.  What is expected to follow is a surge of travel agencies who will specialize in vacations to Cuba.  However, there are a few restrictions that may be required prior to becoming a Cuba Seller of Travel.


Do I need a Seller of Travel Bond to sell travel to Cuba?

The answer to this question depends on where your seller of travel agency is located and from where you plan to solicit customers.  For example: If you wish to be a Cuba Seller of Travel in the state of Florida or solicit residents of Florida for travel to Cuba, you will need a Florida Seller of Travel Bond.  Additionally, you will also need to register for you Seller of Travel license in the state of Florida.  You may find more information about the Florida Seller of Travel Bond by clicking here.


Do other states require Seller of Travel Bonds to sell vacations to Cuba?

Yes, there are various other states which require Seller of Travel Bonds in order to sell travel to Cuba.  Along with Florida, other states requiring Seller of Travel Bonds to sell travel to Cuba are California, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington.  Each state has different requirements for licensing and bond amounts vary depending on annualized income earned from travel sales, trust account balances, and various other criteria.  Additionally, some states require you to be licensed to sell travel to Cuba but may not require a Seller of Travel Surety Bond.


How do I apply for a Seller of Travel Bond?

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